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Why Leaky Land is a Really Bad Place to put a Mega-Dump

May 14 | Posted by Heather | Video, YouTube

Greater Napanee sits on fractured limestone bedrock. The rock is so full of cracks and openings that water enters in various places and moves quickly down and out, eventually entering the water table where it affects drinking water taken from wells and local streams and rivers. Likewise if toxins from things like a mega-dump end up on the ground, they... Read more

Another Mega-dump Expansion Proposal – March 25, 2012 Letter to the Editor

March 25 | Posted by Jeff | Letters & Comments

To the Editor This week marks the beginning of the next round in our fight to protect our economy, lifestyle, health and future from a mega-dump expansion to the Richmond Landfill, re-branded the “Beechwood Road Environmental Centre,” to be located in Greater   Napanee. My village of Roblin understands the consequences of poison leaking into fractured bedrock. Tests have found petroleum product... Read more