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Photo of Public Meeting called by CCCTE re: Mega-Dump – May 23 2012

June 8 | Posted by Heather | Photo Library

This photo was taken at the May 23, 2012 meeting called by the CCCTE at the Napanee District Secondary School, 245 Belleville Rd. Napanee Ontario Canada. The meeting was well attended and dealt primarily with a new proposal for a Waste Management Mega-Dump at the same site as the closed Richmond Landfill. This photo is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported... Read more

Aerial Photo of the Richmond Landfill

June 7 | Posted by Heather | Photo Library

This is an aerial photo of the Richmond Landfill in Greater Napanee, Ontario Canada. The base of this garbage mound covers three times the area of the largest Egyptian pyramids. It holds approximately 3 million metric tonnes of human refuse and although it holds no mummy, it does carry a curse. The leachate (garbage juice) produced within it is expected to be toxic for approximately... Read more