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Where is the leachate going?

January 24 | Posted by Jeff | The Leaky Land Blog

The off-site movement of leachate, suspected for years, was confirmed by hydrogeologists working for the Concerned Citizens, the Mohawks and the Ministry of the Environment. Despite considerable investigation, Waste Management has not yet determined the geographic extent of the migration

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Long passionate advocate Al Gardiner passes

December 3 | Posted by Jeff | The Leaky Land Blog

It is with great sadness that we report the passing of one of our most vocal community leaders: Al Gardiner. Al was an inspiration to all of us. His passion inflamed us with the determination never to give up our fight to preserve our environment and protect our community from the spectre of  a mega-dump. His family prepared the following: “Gardiner,... Read more

Current Developments Related to the Richmond Landfill

November 4 | Posted by Jeff | The Leaky Land Blog

Currently three separate processes are under way concerning the future of the Richmond landfill. The first is an Environmental Review Tribunal Appeal which addresses concerns associated with the closure, monitoring and remediation of the existing waste mound. The second is an Environmental Assessment which has been initiated by the site’s owner in an attempt to build another – much larger... Read more

Canadian Environmental Law Association reacts to the MOE decision refusing to review EPA

October 17 | Posted by Jeff | The Leaky Land Blog

The MOE has decided not to review the EPA with regard to the siting of landfills on unsuitable locations like farctured bedrock. The Concerned Citizens and supporting groups have vowed to continue pressing for the change. Read the details and CELA’s reaction in their BLOG by clicking this link:

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OPAL support EPA amendments to prohibit unsuitable landfill siting

September 30 | Posted by Jeff | The Leaky Land Blog, Uncategorized

Opal have added their support to the Concerned Citizens request to have the EPA amended to prohibit new or expanded landfills on unsuitable sites. They also support an amendment that would prohibit a proponent from re-applying to establish or expand a landfill on or adjacent to a site that has previously been refused for environmental reasons. Read their letter of support... Read more

Oxford Coalition for Social Justice supports our call to amend regulations for dump siting

September 23 | Posted by Jeff | The Leaky Land Blog

The Concerned Citizens have submitted a request through Ontario’s Environmental Bill of Rights process to have the regulations for siting landfills amended to not allow the siting of new landfills or the expansion of existing landfills on land that is unsuitable for landfilling like fractured bedrock. The Oxford Coalition for Social Justice based in Woodstock Ontario have written the following... Read more

Howard O’Connor

September 17 | Posted by Jeff | The Leaky Land Blog

It is with great sadness that we inform you of the passing of Howard O’Connor. We extend our condolences to his wife Hazel and his family members. Howard was well-known and respected throughout the community and he will be genuinely missed. Howard was a passionate supporter of our cause and made significant contributions to the fight against landfill expansion in... Read more

‘The Battle Rages On!’ The Scoop Aug-Sept 2013

August 11 | Posted by Jeff | News

The Scoop has been following the landfill issue and in the Aug-Sept 2013 edition published this article. Follow The Scoop on-line at http\ The Battle Rages On! We live here because we love it here. We love the natural beauty of our forests and fields, and the clear healthy air and water of our lakes and rivers. Most of us have had a... Read more

Ian Munro supports regulation changes on unsuitable landfill siting and to prevent redundant applications

August 2 | Posted by Jeff | Letters & Comments, The Leaky Land Blog

30 July 2013 Mr. Gord Miller Environmental Commissioner of Ontario 1075 Bay Street, Suite 605 Toronto, ON M5S 2B1 Dear Commissioner Miller, I write in support of the application for review of section 27 of the Environmental Protection Act submitted by Concerned Citizens and others. As one of the many citizens who have tracked developments related to the Richmond landfill in Greater Napanee for years I am only... Read more

Residents, Mohawks, Environmentalists Apply for Changes in Ontario’s Landfill Law

July 11 | Posted by Jeff | News, The Leaky Land Blog

                                                                             No Means No! Residents, Mohawks and Environmentalists Apply for Changes in Ont. Landfill Law (Toronto). Three participants in the long-standing fight against the Richmond Landfill near Napanee... Read more