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Neighbours of the Waste Management Dump in Oregon describe their experiences

January 5 | Posted by Jeff | The Leaky Land Blog, Video, YouTube

The following videos may be of interest to anyone who is in the shadow of an existing or future Waste Management Landfill, such as the existing Richmond Dump and the proposed BREC in Greater Napanee Ontario, Canada. These two videos describe the experiences of neighbours to a Waste Management “Riverbend Landfill” in Oregon, as well as Waste Management’s spin on the situation. To view... Read more

Why Leaky Land is a Really Bad Place to put a Mega-Dump

May 14 | Posted by Heather | Video, YouTube

Greater Napanee sits on fractured limestone bedrock. The rock is so full of cracks and openings that water enters in various places and moves quickly down and out, eventually entering the water table where it affects drinking water taken from wells and local streams and rivers. Likewise if toxins from things like a mega-dump end up on the ground, they... Read more