History of the Richmond Dump

Richmond Landfill   ( Town of Greater Napanee  Ontario)

A landfill has been in operation at the Richmond Dump site since the mid 1950′s. Between 1999 and 2006, Canada Waste Services (now Waste Management of Canada Corporation) conducted an Environmental Assessment to significantly expand the existing Landfill. Due to environmental concerns, the application was turned down.

Despite ongoing environmental and health concerns, Waste Management is now seeking approval for a new mega dump at this same location and on the same Leaky Land as the existing Richmond Dump.


The Richmond Dump Timeline:

1954 Privately owned dump opens on Beechwood Road with no environmental assessment or regulations.
1954-1970 Dumping takes place on the bare ground (i.e. No liner) now called “Cell 1″. Waste was also burned on site. Dump site serviced local residents. No provincial licensing was required at this time.
1971 Landfill licensing becomes mandatory. The province of Ontario approves site as it is.
1986 The site is approved to accept 125,000 tonnes of waste annually from across Ontario. Hydrogeologists begin to express concerns over whether this is a suitable site for a landfill operation.
1980s The landfill comes under the ownership of various large waste companies.
1990s Site purchased by Canada Waste Services (now Waste Management of Canada Corporation).
1999 Waste Management announces plans to expand the landfill to accept 750,000 tonnes of waste and 250,000 tonnes of contaminated soils annually.
1999-2005 Ongoing legal opposition to the landfill and proposed expansion.
2005 Environmental Assessment is submitted by Waste Management.
2006 “STOP THE DUMP!” – Community groups, scientists, and the public at large voice strong opposition to the proposed landfill expansion.
 2006 Ministry of the Environment Review makes strong recommendation against the proposed landfill expansion, concluding “There are significant environmental risks associated with expanding the landfill”. The Minister accepts this recommendation in her decision under the EA Act in November 2006.
2009 Citizens group and Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte call for the PERMANENT CLOSURE of the Richmond Dump site.
September 2009 Citizens launch campaign to stop any expansion and CLOSE THE DUMP.
October 2009 Environmental Commissioner of Ontario recommends the MOE require the immediate closure of the Richmond Landfill, and calls it “Arguably one of the worst sites in Ontario to ever locate landfill”.
2010 Waste Management announces plans to apply for a new landfill on the site.
April 2010 the MOE issues a Certificate of Approval which orders the existing landfill closed by June 2011.
Jan16,2012 Environmental Bill of Rights Registry Notice#011-0671 posts Environmental Compliance Approval  for (amended) Environmental Monitoring Conditions. CCCTE files for Permission to Appeal  to the Environmental Review Tribunal in February.
April 2012 Environmental Review Tribunal grants residents permission to appeal an amended approval for the monitoring, contingency plans, and reporting at the Richmond Dump site. A short time later the CCCTE files this appeal.

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