Napanee Council Unanimously Pass Resolution Requesting WM to Withdraw Their Application for New Megadump

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Dump from Napanee Zoom smallNapanee Council has passed a resolution which reaffirms the town’s position that they would be an “unwilling host” to the Beechwood Road Environmental Centre (BREC) which is proposed to include a mega-dump located beside the now closed and leaking Richmond Landfill. They are also requesting Waste Management (WM) to withdraw their application and requesting Ontario’s Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change (MOECC) to take the necessary steps to end the BREC Environmental Assessment Process. The Concerned Citizens express their enthusiastic appreciation for the strong and unified support from all Council members. The complete text of the resolution (draft form) follows:


“Whereas the existing Richmond landfill is situated on a fractured limestone base,

And whereas the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario has been quoted as saying that the Richmond Landfill “is arguably one of the worst sites in Ontario to ever locate landfill”,

And whereas the Richmond landfill has been shown to have contaminated the groundwater on neighbouring properties within the Town of Greater Napanee with landfill leachate,

And Whereas the groundwater contamination plume from the Richmond landfill has contaminated 6 private domestic wells,

And Whereas most neighbouring residents and farmers rely on well water,

And Whereas the proposed Beechwood Road Environmental Centre (BREC) landfill is proposed to be located just north of the existing Richmond landfill on the same fractured limestone base,

And Whereas independent studies have shown that all landfill liners will fail long before the end of the landfill contaminating lifespan which is estimated at more than 100 years has been reached,

Be it resolved that Town of Town of Greater Napanee (TGN) declares itself to be an unwilling host for the BREC landfill;
And be it further resolved that TGN requests that WM permanently withdraw their application to locate a landfill on their property adjacent to the Richmond Landfill;

And be it further resolved that TGN requests the MOECC to take the necessary steps to end the BREC Environmental Assessment process.”


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