Complaints Procedure for the Richmond Landfill / BREC

August 26 | Posted by Jeff | Letters & Comments, News, Public Notice

As part of our continuing efforts to monitor and improve the responsiveness of the Ontario (Canada) Ministry of the Environment (MOE) and Waste Management (WM) to complaints about the Richmond Landfill / BREC, we are asking neighbours to use the following procedure:

If you experience smells, noise, dust, water problems, or see anything that could impact the environment in any way please follow these steps:

(Note: When you call make sure you state clearly that this is a complaint and make a note of the date and time and name of the person you speak with. Give the details of the situation and ask them to respond to you in by phone, email (if you have it) and in writing about what action has been taken to resolve the problem.)

1) Call Waste Management: Contact Linda Cooper at (613) 388-1057 or email her at (if Linda is not available please ask who is handling complaints)

2) Call the Ontario Ministry of the Environment: (613) 549-4000 or 1 (800) 267-0974 and ask for Dave Arnott at extension 2693 (If Dave  is not available please ask who is handling complaints)

3) State and make a note of: The time, date and specific nature of the problem, who you talk to and their comments. Request that they get back to you verbally and in writing as soon as the problem is resolved with details on  the action taken. Make sure you are satisfied.

4) Inform Marilyn Whalen at: (613) 396-2696 or email at Please provide all of the details so that Marilyn can keep a log of complaints and their resolution.

5) Record the time, date and details of the resolution, when you get a response from WM or the MOE.

6) Inform Marilyn Whalen at: (613) 396-2696 or email at about the resolution, and save a copy of the written reply.


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