Where is the “Leaky Land” and how did it get its name.

April 27 | Posted by Heather | The Leaky Land Blog

The “Leaky Land” is the bedrock on which Greater Napanee (Ontario Canada) sits. It is also home to the Richmond Dump. The dump covers 16 hectares and holds approximately 3,000,000 metric tonnes of garbage.

It was once called the “leaky landfill” By The Canadian Press, (thecanadianpress.com) in a February 14, 2011 article which said that a provincial offences notice was issued (they were given a fine) against Waste Management of Canada Corp. (the owner of the dump) because storm water was being discharged from the Richmond Landfill.

On Jan. 5 of that year, Ministry staff observed a discharge of “more than 20,000 litres per day”. The ministry noted that the storm water may be contaminated through contact with on-site waste.

The larger concern however is that the dump sits on fractured limestone (i.e. Leaky Land), which could enable fluids to move undetected below the surface until they emerge somewhere else, or directly contaminate the water table. Leachate contamination (garbage juice) is toxic to the environment, and to human health.


3 Responses to “Where is the “Leaky Land” and how did it get its name.”

  1. Waste is a waste. We need to stop finding more carpets to sweep it under and deal with it by
    reducing and reusing it. Our disposable living habits are toxifying our ecosystem.

  2. Janelle Tulloch says:

    Awesome website!!!! We can all do our part for the next generation by being selective consumers responsible for our own garbage and hopefully adding “zero” to the wastestream.

  3. Noelle says:

    Good information here. I am running a day camp “Earth Camp” and plan to visit this site with the kids. Our generation is one of excess and waste. We buy what we do not need, are gifted what we do not want, and dispose of it all within the season. The three are great but if we all remember one R it should be Reduce.

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