Ian Munro supports regulation changes on unsuitable landfill siting and to prevent redundant applications

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Ontarms30 July 2013

Mr. Gord Miller
Environmental Commissioner of Ontario
1075 Bay Street, Suite 605
Toronto, ON
M5S 2B1

Dear Commissioner Miller,

I write in support of the application for review of section 27 of the Environmental Protection Act submitted by Concerned Citizens and others.

As one of the many citizens who have tracked developments related to the Richmond landfill in Greater Napanee for years I am only too aware of two key relevant facts. First, the existing landfill is leaking into the vulnerable aquifer from which neighbours draw potable water for domestic and agricultural use. Second, attempts by the site’s owner to expand the facility to accept mega-tonnes of additional garbage at or beside the same site continue after fifteen years!

Given the obvious trend in Ontario for fewer and fewer landfills of larger and larger size and the fact that these facilities have the capacity to contaminate the environment for centuries, it seems obvious that they should ONLY be sited in the safest possible locations. You have described the site of the existing Richmond landfill as among the worst in the province to locate such a facility. Minister Broten refused its expansion in November 2006 for reasons related to its unsuitable hydrogeology. Why, then, are we continuing to consider its expansion in 2013?

Our experience has made it clear that, without amended legislation, unsuitable locations such as the Richmond landfill site will continue to be proposed for mega-landfills and massive efforts will be required to ensure they are NOT approved. This is not a responsible approach to waste management.

I therefore join those who urge the Ontario government to amend the Environmental Protection Act, as requested in the EBR Application for Review.

Yours sincerely,

Ian Munro

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