Expert hydrogeologist declares the Waste Management investigations of the contamination plume unsatisfactory and severely deficient .

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Proposed CAZIn his report dated May 31, 2016, Wilf Ruland, hydrogeological expert, has described the Richmond Landfill as an “environmental catastrophe”. Mr Ruland has been retained by the Concerned Citizens (CCCTE) to review the work of Waste Management (WMCC) and their consultants as they attempt to find the boundary of the contamination leaking from the now closed landfill.
He states “The recent Environmental Review Tribunal (ERT) Hearing and the ERT’s December 24 Decision marked a chance for its consultants to turn over a new leaf – to put the environment and public health and safety first, and to work with the other parties to finally properly delineate the massive off-site groundwater contamination plume emanating from the Richmond Landfill. The environmental catastrophe which the Richmond Landfill represents is entirely the responsibility of WMCC and its consultants, and it is high time for them to be taking a new proactive and protective approach.
But this was not done. Instead, the SCM and CAZ Update Report and the Addendum Report which I reviewed simply represent a continuation of the same failed approach which has been taken for almost 20 years by WM and its consultants.
At this point I can summarize the current state of affairs as follows:
• The eastern margins of the plume have not been delineated, including the extent of an area of urgent concern – the contamination on the adjacent privately owned (Martin) property north of Beechwood Road. An eastward expansion of the CAZ onto the Martin property is necessary but has not been proposed by WMCC.
• The downgradient extent of the plume has not been delineated, and the recently confirmed contamination of a whole new aquifer off-site has not been investigated or addressed.
• The western margins of the plume have not been delineated, including a newly discovered area of shallow groundwater contamination on the west side of the landfill.. ”

To read the complete report click here: CCCTE Comments ON PROPOSED CAZ JUNE 1, 2016

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