Trump’s EPA Nominee and WM Retained Witness Withdraws

December 14 | Posted by Jeff | The Leaky Land Blog, Uncategorized

Dourson Image NYTMichael Dourson was retained by Waste Management (WM) to appear at as an expert  witness  at the Environmental Review Tribunal.  At the tribunal he testified that 1,4 Dioxane was safe at concentrations 300 times that recommended by the CCCTE witness Dr. Poh-Gek Fohkert. After hearing Dr. Fohkert’s testimony and Dourson’s answers to questions poised by environmental lawyer Rick Lindgren the tribunal in their decision agreed with Dr. Fohkert. President Trump later nominated Dourson to oversee the EPA’s chemical safety division. Under attack from all sides he recently withdrew this nomination. Read all about it here in the New York Times of Dec 13, 2017.


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