Environmental Commissioner of Ontario / Annual Report 2008/2009: Time for Closure

June 10 | Posted by Heather | Document Library

In this report the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario tells the Ontario Ministry of the Environment that they were wrong to let the Richmond Dump stay open. It says that it is a bad location and that since the dump is barely used anymore, it would be best to close it and cover it.

Environmental Commissioner of Ontario / Annual Report 2008/2009

ECO Comment (quoted from the document.)

“The ECO believes that MOE’s decision to deny this application was unjustified. MOE’s contention that the “continued operation of the Richmond Landfill in accordance with its Cs of A…does not have [the] potential for harm to the environment” contradicts the expert hydrogeology opinions provided by its own staff and the applicants. Furthermore, MOE has stated that the lack of compelling evidence of contamination is not proof that it has not or will not occur. The ECO does not believe that MOE would have proposed substantive changes to the site’s existing provisional C of A if it had been fully protective of the environment, determinative and consistent with O. Reg. 232/98. MOE’s own statements and actions undermine its decision to deny this review.”

“Not only is the geology of the area inherently unsuitable for waste disposal, neither MOE nor WMCC has identified any pressing need or public good for allowing the site to continue to receive wastes. Since the site currently receives only about 10 per cent of its historical volumes of waste, the ECO does not believe that there would be any undue social or economic hardship to the area if the site were closed.”

“In conclusion, the ECO believes that there are compelling environmental reasons for MOE to require the immediate, orderly closure of the site and no compelling social or economic reasons for continuing to keep it open.”

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