Amendment to Provisional Certificate of Approval – Waste Disposal Site Number A371203 (Richmond Dump) Sept. 30, 2010

June 16 | Posted by Heather | Document Library

This document (pdf) was issued by the Ontario Ministry of the Environment and delivered to various people, including the Richmond Dump Site Manager Randy Harris.

The document amends “Condition 35″ of the certificate issued to Waste Management granting them permission to operate the Richmond Dump (site number A371203 ). The amendment adds a condition which effectively orders Waste management to close the dump. Specifically it says:

“The Owner shall ensure that no waste is received for disposal at the Site after June 30, 2011 and the site is capped with final cover material in accordance with the timelines presented below.”

Despite this, Site Manager Randy Harris has on at least two occasions, published this statement:

“The Ministry of the Environment did not order the closure of our landfill’

This statement obviously contradicts the written record. Faced with such contradictions it is difficult to understand how he expects to be trusted when he talks about how “safe” and “beneficial” a giant rotting heap of other people’s trash will be to our community.

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