Another Mega-dump Expansion Proposal – March 25, 2012 Letter to the Editor

March 25 | Posted by Jeff | Letters & Comments

To the Editor

This week marks the beginning of the next round in our fight to protect our economy, lifestyle, health and future from a mega-dump expansion to the Richmond Landfill, re-branded the “Beechwood Road Environmental Centre,” to be located in Greater   Napanee.

My village of Roblin understands the consequences of poison leaking into fractured bedrock. Tests have found petroleum product in our wells. The Ministry of the Environment (MOE) has been unable to precisely identify the source or contain the spill because of the “complexity of fractured bedrock” on which the village stands. Wells are polluted, businesses are struggling, real estate values are dropping.  A tragedy.

Because of risks of poison leaking through the bedrock, the MOE did not approve the previous application by Waste Management for a mega-dump and ordered the old dump closed and sealed.

In spite of the facts, Waste Management denies off-site impacts of the old leaking dump. They have been charged by the MOE with violations. They have chosen to ignore recommendations made by experts retained by concerned citizens who believe the monitoring of the existing dump is inadequate. Because of this, citizens have requested an Environmental Tribunal Review.

During the upcoming Environmental Assessment, Waste Management will again claim that the risks associated with this enterprise are minimal. Science will prove otherwise. The MOE, neighboring municipalities and concerned citizens groups will spend time and money fighting a battle previously won. Another tragedy.

Since its failed attempt, Waste Management has made many donations to local charities. It has wrapped the dump with green. However, a new name and proposed sorting and composting facilities do not hide its intent to place a mega-dump on the same unsafe site.

Last time we set a record with the MOE for letters opposing the Waste Management proposal. Let’s do it again.


Jeff Whan

Roblin, ON

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