Ontario Landfill Standards: A Guideline on Requirements for New or Expanding Landfills – January 2012

January 31 | Posted by Heather | Document Library

This 100 page document is a guideline intended to help interested parties understand the regulatory requirements along with supporting approval guidelines for getting an Environmental Compliance Approval under the Environmental Protection Act.

 Ontario Landfill Standards, January 2012

(From the document preface)

“This Guideline describes the regulatory and approval requirements for the design, operation, closure and post-closure care of new or expanding municipal (i.e. nonhazardous) waste landfilling sites. The new regulatory requirements are contained in Ontario Regulation 232/98 made under the Environmental Protection Act. The new regulation takes effect on August 1, 1998.”

“The regulatory requirements are given in this Guideline for the convenience of the reader only. A copy of Regulation 232/98 should be obtained and used in conjunction with the Guideline.”

This document is Copyright Queen’s Printer for Ontario 2012. This publication may be reproduced for non-commercial purposes with appropriate attribution.

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