The new book “Fighting Dirty” is now available and receives critical acclaim

September 7 | Posted by Jeff | The Leaky Land Blog

Fighting_Dirty_fcov_72gs_378_576_90Poh-Gek Forkert’s book Fighting Dirty  is now available. The book has received unprecedented praise:

Fighting Dirty is a primer for citizens’ groups battling against powerful corporations attempting to override sensible environmental planning. But more than that it tells the story of a community of rural agricultural an indigenous peoples pulled together by a need to protect the land they love. It’s well worth a read” - Gord Miller, ecologist former Environmental Commissioner of Ontario

Fighting Dirty is an inspiring read for all activists battling against the money and power of corporations. It joins Charlie Angus’s book, Unlikely Radicals, in showing that when  small group of determined committd citizens don’t give up, leaders and unexpected opportunity will emerge. When a cause is just, good people win.” - David Suzuki, co-founder, The David Suzuki Foundation

“What emerges from the author’s account of the ensuing fight with the company – and sadly the Ontario Ministry of the Environment – is the importance of individuals in any such effort, and also of sheer persistence and bloody-minded refusal to accept being steamrolled by bureaucracy and alleged expertise. She has written a vivid and almost novelsitic account of the principals involved, bringing their struggle to life as part of the tapestry of rural southern Ontario. If an account of an environmental battle can be a page turner, this is it.” Frank Bayerl, Monitor, Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives Sept / Oct 2017

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