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Ontario’s Clean Water Act

June 14 | Posted by Heather | Document Library

Ontario’s Clean Water Act helps protect drinking water from source to tap with a multi-barrier approach that stops contaminants from entering sources of drinking water – lakes, rivers and aquifers. Ontario’s Clean Water Act: requires that local communities – through local Source Protection Committees – assess existing and potential threats to their water, and that they set out and implement the actions needed... Read more

Ontario’s Environmental Review Tribunal Leave to Appeal – Document March 30, 2012

March 30 | Posted by Jeff | Document Library

This 26 page document gives details of the decision taken by Ontario’s Environmental Review Tribunal (ERT) to grant leave to appeal certain terms of Waste Management’s Environmental Monitoring Plan for the closed Richmond Landfill.  ERT Leave to Appeal March 30, 2012 (from the document) “The landfill is located approximately 1 km north of Highway 401, northeast of the intersection of County Road 10 and... Read more

Ontario Landfill Standards: A Guideline on Requirements for New or Expanding Landfills – January 2012

January 31 | Posted by Heather | Document Library

This 100 page document is a guideline intended to help interested parties understand the regulatory requirements along with supporting approval guidelines for getting an Environmental Compliance Approval under the Environmental Protection Act.  Ontario Landfill Standards, January 2012 (From the document preface) “This Guideline describes the regulatory and approval requirements for the design, operation, closure and post-closure care of new or expanding municipal (i.e. nonhazardous)... Read more

Environmental Commissioner of Ontario / Annual Report 2008/2009: Time for Closure

June 10 | Posted by Heather | Document Library

In this report the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario tells the Ontario Ministry of the Environment that they were wrong to let the Richmond Dump stay open. It says that it is a bad location and that since the dump is barely used anymore, it would be best to close it and cover it. Environmental Commissioner of Ontario / Annual Report 2008/2009 ECO... Read more