Lennox and Addington Stewardship Council view the BREC proposal with great concern

August 20 | Posted by Heather | Letters & Comments, News, The Leaky Land Blog

To: Mike Bossio

The Lennox and Addington Stewardship Council has existed for the past seventeen years. The volunteers are the life blood of this community organization. From diverse backgrounds, they have come together in a common cause, “Caring for the land together.” The many successful projects with local landowners reflect this land ethic, to sustain the natural heritage of Lennox and Addington County for future generations. This natural landscape is our heritage and one day we will pass its care to the next generation of stewards. Hopefully, they will inherit a healthier and enhanced natural environment. It is a diverse landscape that the residents of Lennox and Addington call home. From the rugged shield in the north, the Napanee and Salmon River Watersheds, wetlands, woodlands, farm land, and the precious resource of groundwater that flows beneath, to the shores of the Bay of Quinte, we have much to preserve.

It is with great concern then, that we the members of the Lennox and Addington Stewardship Council view the Beechwood Road Environmental Centre (BREC) proposal. Our concerns pertain to the landfill portion of the proposal and include the following:

• The BREC site is adjacent to the now closed Richmond Landfill site. The former Waste Management (WM) landfill expansion proposal was denied by the Ministry of the Environment (MOE) in 2006 on the basis of the fractured limestone geology. The geology remains the same.

• In the Quinte Regional Groundwater Study (Dillon Consulting Limited, 2006) it states “The high vulnerability of the aquifer makes the entire Study Area susceptible to contamination.” In the event the liner should leak there is little or no natural soil barrier to filter the leachate. (Wilf Ruland, hydrogeologist).

• The Walkerton Tragedy (2001) changed forever the perspective of protecting water at its source. Many residents rely on groundwater for their drinking water. Justice O’Connor stated in his report, “Actions must be taken to prevent the contamination of sources of our water.”

Stewardship connects people to the land. The Lennox and Addington Stewardship Council members have strived to create this land connection. In the words of the pioneer land steward Aldo Leopold, “When we see land as a community to which we belong, we may begin to use it with love and respect.” Is BREC the vision you have for this portion of the Salmon River watershed? We must ponder this question carefully. It is the next generation that will inherit our decision.


Peter Good

Chair LASC

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