“Put Art in Your Life” Raffle Results

January 8 | Posted by Jeff | The Leaky Land Blog

MikeDrawCongratulations to our “Put Art in Your Life” Raffle Winners on January 7,2015!

The winners from last night’s final draw are:
4th prize: MIKE WHALEN of Marysville, “Me and my Iris” wall bowl
3rd prize: MARY SURMAN of Centreville, “Crown Sterling” framed watercolour
2nd prize: GERRY DIEMERT of Corbyville, “Iris Vase” one of a kind vase
1st prize: PJ DAVIS-BEACH of Deseronto, “Iris Wall Lamp” & mirror

In September 2014 the “White Night” wall bowl Early Bird prize went to JUSTIN WHALEN of Marysville.The raffle was a huge success. Mike Bossio said:

” The raffle was a great success! We raised $20,000 up until the early bird
draw and a further $9,320 leading up to the final draw last night for a
total of $29,320.

This money goes a long way to funding our efforts to fight this unfair
fight. Our community is so fortunate to have so many wonderful people that
care enough to want to support us in our efforts to protect our water, land
and air against the likes of the world’s largest waste company, Waste

We have uncovered off site leachate contamination of residential wells
south of the old Richmond Landfill and the extent of the contamination to
the east, south and west has still undetermined. Our experts have created
overwhelming evidence supporting the widespread view that the fractured
limestone beneath this site make it one of the most unsuitable sites in
Ontario for landfilling.

As a result of your efforts and support we will defeat the proposed
fourfold expansion of old Richmond Landfill and put this atrocity behind us
once and for all!”

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