New revelations indicate greater contamination risk

January 8 | Posted by Jeff | The Leaky Land Blog

Leachate  Still1New revelations indicate increased contamination risks to the aquifers and headwaters of the Marysville Creek which flows through Tyendinaga Township and on to Mohawk territory. Due to recent increases in high precipitation events, Waste Management has at times been unable to haul toxic leachate to the sewage treatment plant in Greater Napanee. Instead they have been storing leachate in an unlined lagoon located behind the dump near the creek. As levels in the lagoon have declined, WM has claimed that the leachate is “evaporating.” The science indicates this is not the case, that vast quantities of toxins are leaking into the groundwater and potentially into the creek. Our expert recommends the Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks order WM to immediately cease this practice and require further investigation to determine the impact of this new contamination source on the proposed CAZ boundary.

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