Mike Bossio’s Letter to the Napanee Guide – June 2012

June 7 | Posted by Heather | Letters & Comments

Randy Harris recently said that he was disappointed because nothing new has been said about their latest dump expansion. Well for once Randy and I couldn’t agree more.

There is nothing new to say about this situation. The geology is the same, the technology is the same, the location is the same, the liner is the same. Many experts have said this is an unsuitable place to have a dump. Waste Management put this community through hell for eight years in the last expansion proposal and that proposal failed. Despite that they are back with what amounts to the same proposal. Nothing has changed!

I look forward to the day when I CAN state something new. Something like: “Thank you Waste Management for withdrawing your flawed BREC landfill proposal and ending the torment and expense being unfairly imposed on this community.” Or “Thank you Waste Management for finally agreeing that this is a Bad Place to have a dump!”.

Mike Bossio
Chair, CCCTE

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